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Fixed Cost Solutions

SS Project (Fixed-Cost)

Serious Software offer various solutions, including in-house or off-site management, delivery and hosting of your projects. You can choose to work with your own team of professionals or rely on our personnel resources.

  • Short-Term Projects

  • App or Web Development

  • Integration or Migration Work

Fixed Cost Solutions

Full cooperation with our clients is a top priority.

A long-standing and friendly cooperation with our clients is our top priority and per your request and specification, we can launch the project step by step.

We guarantee technical and post-project support to make sure you are never left in a difficult situation without our assistance.

Serious Software’s services are flexible and able to accommodate your growing business, and the changes and challenges that come with this process. Our outsourcing solutions offer a quick response to any level of market change or varying margins.

You can appoint the work related to your company’s IT strategy to Serious Software and we will make sure to deliver expertise and an acknowledged world-class service.

How can we help?

Contact the Serious Software team to see how we can help with your Project (Fixed-Cost) services. We have teams and partners working in Ukraine, Estonia, Poland and Belarus.