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How Serious Software Works

At Serious Software, we strive to ensure you receive modern and responsive outsourcing and IT services.

Your specification and requirements will be accounted for in the process of building the interaction model in accordance with your company’s philosophy, specifications, and business processes. Despite the belief that outsourcing is a bundled set of services, we challenge this idea by offering an outstanding level of service.

How does Serious Software work?



Submit your product specification containing a set of requirements that provides our product teams with the necessary information required to build new features or functionality. By providing your specifications, it gives us relevant context about users, business needs and other criteria to help you make informed decisions as our team design and build a solution.



The process of predicting a realistic estimation to develop or maintain software is based on many factors such as ‘effort estimates’ which, are expressed in terms of developer hours/money. Effort estimates may be used as input to project plans, iteration plans, budgets, investment analysis, pricing processes, and bidding rounds.


Model of Collaboration

The Model Of Collaboration is a conceptual management and communication tool designed to work with a large number of geographically distributed Serious Software experts as well as product owners. This model is used to describe a specific interaction routine between networked entities.


Dev Process/QA/PM

‘Software development life cycle,' – this incorporates six steps which include planning, analysis, design, development and implementation, testing and deployment and fully supported maintenance by the Serious Software team.


Your Goal

Serious Software fits your expectation for the end product that reflects the sentiment of industry executives.

A customisable service

At Serious Software, our service is completely customisable, and you will be able to fully adapt it to your specifications. The basic foundations of our company are built around business expertise, a personal approach, credibility, and a timely response.

We offer a proficient and transparent solution and our flexible approach to IT outsourcing gives you the chance to select the most suitable infrastructure, services, and resources. Our cost-saving policies enable you to scale your project up or down within tight time-limits.

Having direct control over your business organisation and processes is Serious Software’s most important consideration. We achieve this by creating a direct link between our first-rate IT professionals and the client.

developer teams & partners

Our Developer Teams & Partners

With our Head Office based in the United Kingdom we have many developer teams and partners working in Ukraine, Estonia, Poland and Belarus.